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The Best Pumpkins in the USA! Cozzolino Pumpkins!chefnurtured.com

The Best Pumpkins in the USA! Cozzolino Pumpkins!

by Kirke on October 19, 2016

             Cozzolino Pumpkins, Purveyor of Fine Gourds


Time is running out to find the best, most colorful pumpkins in the country. You might think I exaggerate, or you might believe that size is the determinate factor in crowning the finest pumpkins in the land, as the media would have you believe. But the Farmer’s Market at the College of San Mateo on the peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area is where you can see for yourself these unparalleled gourds on display for purchase. But hurry, because Halloween is just around the corner and you will want to WOW! all the young ghouls and ghoul-parents with your fine taste in pumpkins.


                                                                 This is Tony!


Tony Cozzolino is a fellow 2011 graduate of San Francisco State University where he obtained a degree in Biology. He and his wife, Stephanie, then took over the family farms based in Half Moon Bay. Tony is a descendant of Salvatore Cozzolino, who in 1924 was one the  first to establish a farm in what is now Millbrae, growing vegetables and later flowers. There is still a street named after the family in the now residential neighborhood south of San Francisco. The Cozzolino’s not only produce what are undoubtedly the most beautiful gourds in the land, they also farm herbs, flowers, corn stalks, Indian corn, hay bales and lovely Christmas trees. In a show of civic duty, they offer pumpkins to local schools at discounted prices.


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Tony Cozzolino’s pumpkins are also available in association with Pastorino’s Farm 12391 San Mateo Road (Highway 92) in Half Moon Bay. And don’t forget to stop by at Cozzolino’s Christmas Trees at 501 San Mateo Road, also in Half Moon Bay, located on Highway 92 next to Spanish Town, for the finest freshly cut local trees. But, hurry to the Menlo Park and College of San Mateo Farmer’s Markets while the best gourds are still available. Visit cozzolinopumpkins.com  for more information, dates, times of operation and locations.


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